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  • Greater control of company results,  general dashboards and detailed reports to deepen analysis
  • Better control of the business units results, wherever you are and also offline( useful for managers who often travel or are out of the office)
  • Improve the quality of meetings: access to data in real-time, interactive presentations with SAP Roambi Flow
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  • Interactive Dashboards and Reports in order to constantly evaluate performances compared to goals
  • HR Technology Innovation with real time decision-making improvements within company processes
  • Developing analysys with the possibility to forecast company turnover, evaluating risk management and analyzing the level of compensation
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  • More efficiency and simplification of the way business is monitored, due to an “easy-to use” dashboard, surfing data consultation
  • Interactive busget analysis and forecasting (cash flow statements, income statements, forecasting …) through ad hoc reports
  • Greater improvement of data analysis inside the Company
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  • Interconnected sales network: increased dialogue, up-to-date information and sharing
  • Portability of data (mobile analysis)
  • Full control on business goals and periodic results
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  • Take decision directly on the field thanks to the app and mobile analysis.
  • Real-time reports to help you understand how and where you can improve production process efficiency
  • Better decisions for production managers
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Web Analytics

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  • Analisi globale del business on line, attraverso pochi report, semplici e condivisibili
  • Better global business analysis, through data consolidation in simple summary reports, easy to share
  • All web analytics in a single intuitive app
  • Dynamic and intuitive web analysis, in real time